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QHCC Meeting Archive

Housing Rights and Services: 11/20/23


On 11/20/23 Annemarie Guare presented information regarding housing rights and services.

The presentation recording is available here for general reference.

Annemarie Guare is not dispensing personal legal advice. If you have specific questions about your situation, you should contact an attorney. 

QHCC Meeting Resources 11/20/23

Annemarie Guare, Staff Attorney

Housing Unit, Community Legal Aid

Direct: (978) 516-5138

Main: (978) 516-5155


Domestic Violence: 10/16/23


Peer Support: 9/18/23

QHCC Meeting Materials 9/18/23

Peer Support Expert Sean Donovan:

Wildflower Alliance:

Declaration of Peer Roles:

Kiva Centers:

QHCC Meeting Materials 9/18/23

Intentional Peer Support:

Fireweed Collective:

Project LETS:

Trans Lifeline:

Community Legal Aid Education Unit: 6/26/23

QHCC Meeting Materials 6/26/23

Community Legal Aid Education Unit

Contact Julia Popkin

413-686-9012; jpopkin@cla-ma-org

QHCC Meeting Materials 6/26/23

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: 5/15/23

QHCC Meeting Materials 5/15/23

Massachusetts Commission on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:

Quaboag Valley Food Policy Council: 4/24/23

QHCC Meeting Materials 4/24/23

QV Food Policy Council PowerPoint

Questions? Contact Caitlin Geaghan PowerPoint and FAQ


Contact Liv Anna Homstead

QHCC Meeting Materials 3/20/23

How To Talk About Suicide: 12/19/22

QHCC Meeting Materials 12/19/22

QHCC Meeting Materials 12/19/22

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