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Our Mission

Here to help you find the resources you need to live a better life

We believe...

That the health of an individual, family, and community are intertwined. We see the sources of good health and poor health as frequently having social roots.


Our goal is to strengthen those roots by gathering social service agencies, civic leaders, community activists, and elected officials and providing a forum for them to learn from one another and to interact around problems and resources.

We are assisting...

Eleven areas that are widely identified as Social Determinants of Health. These include access to health care, food and housing security, transportation, and public education. A key emphasis of the QHCC is that no one of the social determinants of health stands alone and that by creating connections and education to providers and users of services the overall effort is strengthened.


A meeting to focus on one element—for instance, access to healthcare—engages leaders and services from various efforts to exert common strength in addressing the coordinated effort to strengthen families and communities.

Who We Are

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